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Circuit Breakers & fuses are crucial to the smooth and safe operations to your home’s electrical system. Though fuses are a slightly older type of system, they both serve the same type of function; they either blow or trip when a circuit receives too much power. It can be frustrating when your breakers trip constantly. In this one case, you can do a little DIY troubleshooting at home. Evaluate how many lights and appliances you were running at the time of the trip. If you were running all the lights, the AC, the TV, the microwave, a hairdryer, and four computers, a trip isn’t too unusual. Turn off a few items, flip the breakers or replace the fuse, and try again. 

Some homeowners try to address the problem by using larger circuit breakers. That’s dangerous because it circumvents the breaker’s ability to protect you from electric shocks or overloads. It’s also dangerous because excessive tripping is often a sign of a much deeper electrical problem. Any electrical issue could create a fire hazard, so it’s important to address this issue promptly.

Don’t take chances with bothersome breakers. Call Clarita Electrician for a free estimate. We’ll troubleshoot your breakers or fuses for you and help you determine the most cost-effective, safety-conscious way to get the job done.

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Repairing, replacing, or installing circuit breakers should never be a “do it yourself” project. Luckily, our Santa Clarita electricians have all the necessary experience and expertise to properly address your needs and problems in a safe manner and provide you with a well-functioning, dependable circuit breaker that lasts for years to come. We serve all of the Santa Clarita areas, including Canyon Country, Valencia, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson’s Ranch, and Castaic.

Warning signs that may indicate your circuit breaker needs repair or replacement include:


Lights that either flicker or don't fully turn on, which could point to faulty or misaligned wiring


Frequently tripping breakers, which may point to problems such as bad circuitry or too many appliances overloading the circuit


Burning smells, charring, or noticeable heat coming from the breakers, which could point to exposed or damaged wiring


Breakers that will not stay reset for more than a few minutes, which may point to issues with the panel

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