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Have you been experiencing technical difficulties with your outlets or has someone told you that it’s time to replace your outlets or switches? Many homes, especially older ones have not upgraded and are still with the older fitted outlets. However, many outlets and switches don’t really experience these kinds of issues, some have trouble keeping up with the demand for new appliances. At Clarita Electrician, our Santa Clarita electrician can assist you with the repair and installation of new outlets and switches. 


Common Signals that your Outlets or Switches need to be replaced or repair include:

  • Burn Marks on the Outlet
  • Flickering Lights when switches are turned on
  • Outlets that feel hot
  • Blue Sparks that happen when appliances are plugged into the outlet
  • Older plugs that are two-prong
  • Cracking Sounds when switches are turned on

Santa Clarita Electrical Specialists

From brand new home installation to outlet and switches repair to simple and complex upgrades, our electricians in Santa Clarita does it all! By choosing a specialized company such as ours, you can prevent the risk of high voltage shocks, crazy building fires, and other problems that come with trying to fix or complete projects yourself.

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