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Attempting ‘D0-it-Yourself’ fixes and guesswork is a big no-no and can dangerous. Minor electrical blips and annoyances are often a sign something more dangerous is happening in your electrical system. Don’t dismiss this and call professional. 

Our electricians can quickly locate the cause of your electrical problem and have it resolved quickly!  Our licensed and experienced electricians have performed troubleshooting on THOUSANDS of residential electrical systems.  Call Clarita Electricians today to have one of our licensed technicians examine your home’s or commercial building’s electrical system and perform troubleshooting and diagnostics to determine what the problem may be.


Live In A Older Home With The Same Old Electrical System ?

The wear & tear of electrical systems is hard to see with the naked eye, with little or no warning, an overload electrical system can blow fuses, trip breakers, and on some extreme cases can result on fire obsolete panels Zimsco, Sylvania, and FPE are prone to failure and have lost the required UL approval some years ago.
To know that you’re good, have them inspected some dwellings have original wiring when the place was built, with wires with cotton impregnated insulation and “Open Wires” with no ground protection.
Please call Clarita Electricians!


Does Your Building Suffer From Any Of The Following...

  • Lights Flickering
  • Switches stop working 
  • You experience an electric shock of any kind
  • Outlets suddenly stop working
  • Your electric bill  hits THE MOON

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What If You Have A Bigger Problem...

A lot of people have this big fear of calling a home service guy like an electrician because they think services cost racks on racks. Not the case at all. Actually pretending that there is no problem and running away from it will make matters worse. 

You may luck out and find the problem is a small one, requiring only a small replacement part and an hour or so of work to resolve.

But, you can always catch a tough break.  But if it’s a big problem, running away from it won’t make it go away. It’s better to get a free estimate and analysis now.  On the bright side, you’ll have all the facts you need to make an informed decision. Also, we may be able to tell you some steps you can take to mitigate your electrical problem until you’re able to afford the longer-term fix.

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