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Ceiling Fan Installation Services In Santa Clarita

Considering that Santa Clarita is borderline a desert area, installing a ceiling fan isn’t such a bad idea. When considering the type of ceiling fan to purchase, you should consider its function and the room in which it will be placed. Many people make the mistake of buying a fan that is often too big, too small, or that lacks enough speed settings. Consider the layout of your room. For example, the largest fan will provide the largest cooling area, but can overwhelm the room visually. Also, if the ceiling isn’t high enough and the ceiling hangs too low, you could feel like your head is too close to the blades as you walk under it.

If you are installing a ceiling fan in a small room (8’ x 10’) then a 30-inch ceiling fan is recommended. 42-inch ceiling fans are recommended in medium-sized rooms (12’ x 12’) and 52-inch ceiling fans are recommended for larger rooms (18’ x 20’).

For safety reasons, never install a ceiling fan directly above someone’s bed. Keep the blades of your ceiling fan at least 8 inches away from your ceiling, 8 to 9 feet off the floors and 18 inches away from the walls. Always be sure your home has the proper wiring to accommodate the ceiling fan voltage to avoid any electrical surges.  Feel free to talk to our licensed electrician before you install a ceiling fan (661)-535-0904.

Ceiling fans are popular for a variety of reasons. Not only are they a practical decoration that can give light and style to any space, but they also create an energy-efficient way to control the temperature and comfort any room. If you’re struggling with a messed up ceiling fan or wish to upgrade your home or commercial building with a new ceiling fan installation in SCV, call the experts at Clarita Electrician today. Our licensed electricians offer a wide range of professional services including ceiling fan repair and ceiling fan replacement in SCV. Have you been searching Google for a “ceiling fan installer near me”? Then contact our team today and find out how we can help.

Benefits of Installing Ceiling Fans Include:
  • The Swagger of your room starts to shine
  • HUGE energy savings
  • Keeping a consistent airflow in the room

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Ceiling Fan FAQs 
Why Do Ceiling Fans Slow Down?
One word: Age

There are three main culprits for a slowing fan: a problem with the bearings, a blade out of balance, or a bad capacitor. Over time, the bearings in the fan can become gummed up from dirt and oil, or dried out and in need of oil.

Does a ceiling fan use a lot of electricity?

ceiling fan makes use of an electric motor to rotate blades that evenly circulate air – causing evaporative cooling in its surrounding areas. Most ceiling fans run at 50-80 watts and will cost you around $0.006-$0.01 per hour at $0.12 per KWH.ses.

How much does it cost to Install a ceiling fan?

It totally depends. There multiple things to be considered like:

  • What type of lights you want to go with the fans
  • The brand you want
  • The material you want
  • and the quantity you want

The average cost is between $100-$600