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If your home seems dark and gloomy or like it just came out of a scene from a scary movie, it might be time to consider adding some landscape/outdoor lighting. Not only will it brighten up your life but it can add some much-needed security for your home. Statistics show that having landscape lighting creates less chance for someone to trespass your home.

Landscape lighting is important since it lights up areas of your home where trees and bushes or shrubbery can hide thieves and prowlers. It also can add plenty of curb appeal when spotlighting a special growth of greenery or garden art pieces.

Options you can consider when adding light to the outside include landscape lighting, security lighting, and low voltage or design lighting. Of course, each type provides certain functions that will enhance the outside of your home.

Your best choices can be to add several lighting types so that all of your goals are covered, from increasing the curb appeal to adding security and safety.

There are choices in outdoor lighting that homeowners can successfully install, but unless you are a certified and licensed electrician it is best to stick with solar lighting for doing it yourself. When electricity is involved, only a licensed electrician Santa Clarita should handle the project.

There are advantages to having wired lighting installed for the exterior of your home. Solar lighting only provides limited power and is restricted to low voltage lighting. This type of lighting is mainly used in groups to lighten pathways. More powerful lighting requires fewer fixtures that provide better light.

When your lighting is wired, it is wired to a central location where you have control over it. You can also set timers if you desire to turn certain lights on at certain times.

For example, you may want to keep on all night only the main lights directly affixed to the home. This can save you money by turning off the pathway lighting or special art enhancing spotlights after certain hours of the night. If you really want the best advantage, we can install a system for you that is controllable by remote.

Your landscape lighting options aren’t limited. Today, you can light up your areas with lighting that changes colors automatically. With today’s technology we even have phone apps for smart-phones that let you turn the light on and off at home no matter where you are. With all the options you have, you will need a good electrician to help you get your landscape lights installed.

Our professional Santa Clarita Lighting experts can help you design your landscape lighting and choose the best options for the right areas. We would love to come out and discover your needs and make a plan with you to enhance your lawn or outdoor living areas.

Our electricians will always make sure your project is handled in a professional, safe, and expert manner. All of our technicians are fully trained and licensed. No matter the size of the project, we can complete it on time and welcome the business.

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